Richard Groner has been playing music for over 45 years. He is a an electric bass player, a rhythm guitarist, a lead guitarist, a dobro (resophonic guitar) player, a mandolin player and a vocalist.

He has many years of performance and studio experience across several genres of music including rock & roll, country, blues, americana, and tunes from the american songbook. His playing on dobro and mandolin are featured on 2 CD’s by the Americana group, the Lopers, which are available at many online sources as well as iTunes. He was a guest musician on the CD Cold December Spell by the Hewitt Stanley Band playing dobro, mandolin and guitar.

Currently, Richard is performing solo and is also the electric bassist for the group Max 5 Watt, a rock and roll band performing all over central Indiana.

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Contact Richard via email at

Telephone: (260) 632-7215.






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